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The Smart Controlled Biofly, hence the acronym "SCB", are lights signalation devices with high efficiency LED lights controllable remotely through a wireless comunication ZigBee module and powered by photovoltaic panels.

Arise from the need to provide the pilot of a message immediately noticeable, that aids in a critical path, even in low visibility conditions and in the presence of other moving vehicles. The aircraft equipped with transponders, or other means to communicate through radio frequency, or even a simple enabled phone to send text messages, sends its data identification, position, velocity and / or direction and makes contact with the unit master on the ground, able to incorporate the information, process it and transmit it to other nodes to generate a visible light signal from the pilot.

Common characteristics

Dimension 345 x 255 x 255 mm
Color Yellow RAL 1023
Weight 6kg
Battery Pb gel rechargeable x 2 kg for 12V and 9Ah
Photovoltaic panels 56 cells 25 x 17 cm for 5W with 1000 w/mq
Zigbee Module Accessibility 3km with ISM at 2.4 GHz

Certifications / Compliances

The SCB Eco-Light have ENAC certification APS-04 1° edition 2013 (Protocol number 0075365/CIA);
The SCB Eco - Light are in accordance with with the following regulations:

•FAA AC 150/5345-50B - Specification for Portable Runway and Taxiway Lights (20 settembre 2007);
AC 150/5345-46C - Specification for Runway, Taxiway Light Fixtures (12 settembre 2006) limitatamente ai requisiti fotometrici per Elevated Direction Annex 14 - Volume 1, Aerodrome - 4° Ed. (luglio 2004);
Annex 14 - Volume 2, Heliports - 3° Ed. (luglio 2009);
DOC 9157 AN/901 Aerodrome Design Manual Part. 6 frangibility 1° Ed - 2006.

•ENAC Regolamento per la Costruzione e l'Esercizio degli Aeroporti - 2° Ed. - Emendamento 4 del 30 gennaio 2008;
Regolamento per la Costruzione e l'Esercizio degli Eliporti (Ed. #1 del 20 ottobre 2011);
Circolare APT - 28 Criteri di Accettabilità dei Dispositivi Aeroportuali (28 gennaio 2008);
Manuale dei Criteri di Accettabilità per gli Aiuti Visivi Aeroportuali - 1° Ed. (27 luglio 2005).


Our A.V.L. are tested and certified by Aeronautica Militare at the C.S.V. (Experimenal Flight Center) of Pratica di Mare (Rome) military Airport

SCB Eco Lights are successfully installed and tested on the following airports, airfields and heliports: •Lido of Venice Airport (Venice)
•Bresso Heliports (Milan)
•Urbe Airport (Rome)
•Sansepolcro(AR) airfield and helipad
•“Le Grugnole” Airfield at Nettuno (LT)
•Lateranense University of S. Giovanni in Laterano (RM)

SCB TLOF (Touchdown and Lift-Off Area)

The SCB TLOF lights delimit the load bearing area of any shape on which it is intended that the helicopter shall land on from, and take off to. It may form an integral part of the FATO or be situated apart from the FATO depending on the disposition of the site.

The SCBs are fixed lights showing green.

SCB FATO (Final Approach Take Off)

This lights are applied to the area over which a helicopter will execute the final part of the final approach and the initial part of the take off.

The SCBs are fixed lights showing white.

SCB TEL (Taxiway Edge Lights)

The SCB TEL, as taxiway edge lights, are provided at the edges of a runway turn pad and holding bay.

The SCBs are fixed lights showing blue.



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