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The Ameri-King AK-451 series is a FAA and EASA approved 406MHz ELT type AF/AP/S. It transmits aircraft GPS/NAV position data on triple frequencies: 406MHz (satellite), 243MHz (military SAR) and 121.5 (civilian SAR). The AK-451 can be used both in fixed installations as well as in mobile/handheld applications. Suitable antennas are delivered with the unit or available as accessories. Installation is simple. A mounting tray, remote control panel and complete cable harness are provided with the unit.
The Lithium battery pack deliveres up to 78hrs of transmit operation at the end of its 5 years service life. The AK-451 interfaces with the aircraft GPS/NAV system via RS-232 serial line. Protocols of all major suppliers such as GARMIN, Honeywell Bendix King, Trimble, Arnav and II Morrow are supported. The unit comprises a reliable, sealed G switch for crash detection. A 5 axes G switch for helicopters use is available as an option.


Ameri-King AK-451 Brochure (inglese)


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